As a nonprofit organization, Montreal Writes has played a vital role in shaping emerging talents in science fiction and fantasy writing. We have workshops, committed volunteers, and professional staff to provide a supportive environment for writers.

It is our mission to empower emerging and underrepresented voices by offering world-class writing instruction to foster the creation of imaginative worlds. Our commitment extends to facilitating conversations and public engagement, ensuring these voices resonate within a growing community.

We aim to guide writers toward success, promote equity and inclusion in speculative fiction, highlight quality works in the genre, and foster a connection between writers and readers. We focus on speculative fiction which encompasses science fiction, fantasy, horror, magic realism, and slipstream.

These genres provide a platform for exploring societal and technological changes, delving into fundamental human experiences.

While acknowledging exceptional writers across ethnicities and genders, historical biases have resulted in fewer successful writers of color and women in speculative fiction.

Within the workshop’s constraints, Montreal Writes is committed to addressing and improving these disparities.